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See definitions for each type below.

Basic Research

Research undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge without any particular application or use in mind.

Examples of basic research:

  • A study to determine what affects blood coagulation;
  • A study of the properties of molecules under various heat and cold conditions;
  • A study of the heart chambers of various fish species.

Applied Research

Research conducted to gain the knowledge or understanding to meet a specific, recognized need.

Examples of applied research:

  • A study on how a new chicken pox vaccine affects blood coagulation;
  • A study investigating the properties of particular substances under various heat and cold conditions with the objective of finding longer-lasting components for highway pavement;
  • A study examining various levels of a toxic substance to determine the maximum safe level for fish in a stream.

Developmental Research

The systematic use of the knowledge or understanding gained from research directed toward the production of useful materials, devices, systems or methods, including the design and development of prototypes and processes.

Examples of developmental research:

  • A clinical trial to test a newly developed chicken pox vaccine;
  • A study to test a newly developed highway pavement under various types of heat and cold conditions;
  • A study to develop a new stream monitoring system that will incorporate research findings on toxicity levels for fish.


Instruction is defined as teaching activities that may be offered for credit towards a degree or certificate. This may include non-credit classes that are offered through a regular academic department. Generally, there will be a student to teacher relationship. 

The focus of instruction generally involves the student receiving credit for the instructional activity. This credit could be in the form of actual college credits or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for professional students. Curriculum development and effort to improve teaching methods is included in the definition of instruction.

Examples of instruction:

  • College preparation activities
  • Development of college-level educational materials
  • Professional instruction/education that may or may not lead to a CPE certificate
  • Leadership training or activities

Other Sponsored Activity

Other sponsored activity is defined as any project that addresses the university's public service mission. Projects classified as "other" or "public service" are not instruction or research. Other sponsored activity projects will have hallmarks like economic development in the community, rural health or demonstration activities or techniques that focus on outreach. Often, sponsor designed testing or analysis where no reporting or analysis of data occurs.

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In the event you become aware of a person/party working for or paid from funds for this project is debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or declared ineligible to receive federal funds, do you agree to notify Sponsored Projects?
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